About Brent Lenssen

More About Brent:

I was born and raised among many of you here in Lynden.     After graduating from Lynden Christian High School, I attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I earned a degree in Economics with a Minor in Mathematics.     I spent a short time in rural Arizona where I worked for a rancher and for a rural fire district.    But I felt called back here to Lynden.  I came back, for what I thought would be a short time, but has stretched to 15 years.    I have spent the past 25 years working at Vander Griend Lumber, where I started sweeping the floors in high school and now lead a major portion of the business’ sales, purchasing, information technology, and operations sections.

The best part of living in Lynden has been the ability to volunteer my time in different endeavors.     For the past 7 years, I have served on the Lynden City Planning Commission.    I have had the opportunity to meet many of you through this experience.   For the past 2 years, I, as Chair of the Planning Commission, have served on a Zoning Text Review Committee.  This committee has gone through all the zoning documents related to Lynden.  Lots of minor tweaks were made to the documents.   Of course, some major changes were made as well.    I strongly believe that the changes we made will benefit our city in the long term allowing for more business development which will strengthen our city tax base and make it possible to maintain a high level of city services long into the future.

Through my involvement on the Planning Commission and at Vander Griend Lumber, I was asked to be on the executive board of the Million Smiles Playground project.    For two years our committee planned, organized and raised over $200,000 for the project.  All this activity culminated with over 3000 people volunteering to build the elaborate playground structure at the Lynden City Park in 10 days.   This project and my service on the Planning Commission have taught me how to work together with our local citizens to create a better community.

I was elected to the Lynden City Council in November of 2009 and began my service to this community in December of that year.   My service has the Council has been extremely rewarding for me personally and I look forward to serving the residents of our community for another four years.

Outside of Lynden, I have been active in volunteering my time in Romania, South America, and the United States.   Since 1999, I have been involved with several different organizations which provide for disadvantaged children, help families at risk, and encourage small scale local business development in Romania.    I have traveled to Romania a dozen times to lead and participate in many of these endeavors working with local government, church, and business leaders to improve conditions in one of Eastern Europe’s most impoverished countries.

Through my travels in Romania, I met my wife Teresa- a native Texan.   She moved here to Lynden just before we got married and is a local private voice teacher.   Five years ago we were blessed with our precocious and inquisitive daughter, Noelle.  We love the small town feel of Lynden and the amenities it has to offer.  We attend Sonlight Community Church here in Lynden and enjoy travelling, entertaining, and our wonderful natural surroundings.

BANNER Brent Lenssen